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Complex Rehab Power & Manual Wheelchairs

Welcome to Kerring Group HME's Complex Rehab & Custom Powered & Non-powered Wheelchair Department.

Kerring Group specializes in providing complex rehab and custom wheelchairs to those whose conditions require a more advanced power/non-powered base and specialized seating system.  Complex rehab products include custom manual and power wheelchairs that may include features like Tilt, Recline, Power Elevating Legrests, Power elevating seat, wound prevention/positioning seating systems, etc. Our Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) works with one's physician and physical therapist to obtain all the needed documentation to satisfy the health insurance requirements as well as assess and fit the client for their mobility needs.  We provide the following brands of power and manual wheelchairs:  Pride/Quantum Mobility, Sunrise Medical/Quickie, Invacare, Amy Systems, Vector Avid, Ride Designs/Aspen Seating, Comfort Company, Jay Cushions, and more.

To see if you qualify for Complex Rehab Mobility please contact Libby Murphey at 512-451-8853 ext. 101 or email

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Kerring Group strives to acheive superior results with our clients that have specialized or custom seating needs.  Our ATP(s) use the BodiTrak LT Pressure Mapping System to ensure the best solutions for clients that require specialized seating.  In addition we are equipped with a computerized custom cushion system by Ride Designs/Aspen Seating.  This system photographs the client 360 degress once the client is positioned using foam fill bags to determine optimum positioning.  The data is then sent to Ride Designs for production.

To learn more about our approach to specialized seating or to schedule an in home assessment, please contact Libby Murphey at 512-451-8853 ext. 101 or email


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